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Painting of pink flowers

Let’s keep dancing !

Do you know the song “Is that all there is ?”, fantastically performed by Peggy Lee ? She tells us about life experiences that keep disappointing her. The family house...

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Abstract Floral with red flowers on blue background


When I was still a spring chicken, applying for my very first job, the recruiter told me : “You, young lady, are a bulldozer ! You have to get self...

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Two men having a difficult conversation


I made a new friend recently. She sails on big yachts, crossed the Sahara on horseback, knows how to make her own beer and travels the world for work. Her...

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Painting of the moon with craters

Sweet Darkness

Sometimes, I get restless.I lose myself in the rush of everyday life. I forget to breathe. I forget what it’s all about. I play small. Then it’s time to travel...

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Picture of the artist taking a bow

Post Exhibition Bliss

I recently organized a group exhibition, together with some creative neighbours. We kicked it off with a cosy party, where family, friends and art enthusiasts could enjoy our creations, listen...

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Painting of night sky with clouds and stars

You are not alone

I lay down in the grass. It’s a warm summer’s day. High above, the wind makes the poplar leaves sing. It sounds like sea waves crashing. It speaks to me,...

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