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Nature & Moods


I want to explore interconnectedness between all life forms.
How do people, animals, trees, plants and natural environments affect each other ?
I’m very troubled by our antropocentric view on nature. We consider ourselves king of creation, entitled to plunder natural resources without restraint. 
We have so much to lose if we don’t wake up to the damage we’re doing.
I want to understand what we are losing, and express that in my art.


I don’t impose any restrictions on the materials I use.
Oil, acrylics, watercolor, ink, pencils, pastels, dirt… it’s all good.

This is the place to go wild – a little.
To go back to the bush. Dream about wood fires and foaming rivers. 
Seeing the beauty of this world again.



Tribe of Trees

Botanical Beauty


Natural Elements

Sold Work