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Nature & Moods

Is it a bird ? Is it a tree ? A landscape ? The sea ?

It really doesn’t matter. 
I desperately need nature in my life, and I love to bring it into my work.
It’s challenging to play with different levels of abstraction. To strip away, looking for what’s essential.
Sometimes, I’m struck by a composition, or a color, or a shape. Or there’s a feeling of being alive, being real. A simplicity, that I’m trying to translate into a painting.


I don’t impose any restrictions on the materials I use.
Oil, acrylics, watercolor, ink, pencils, pastels, dirt… it’s all good.

This is the place to go wild – a little.
To go back to the bush. Dream about wood fires and foaming rivers. Howling at the moon at night.
Seeing the beauty of this world again.


Tribe of Trees

Inner Landscapes

Botanical Beauty


Natural Elements

Sold Work