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I recently organized a group exhibition, together with some creative neighbours.

We kicked it off with a cosy party, where family, friends and art enthusiasts could enjoy our creations, listen to the uplifting words of a poet, and get to know one another over a glass of bubbly.

I got to experience again how art can connect people.
I felt it during the preparations, when we got together to brainstorm and organize things. We learned to appreciate each other as people and as artists. Others joined us for the setup of the tent and the exhibition space, just like that.

I also felt it during the party, when friends and family showed up, sometimes from pretty far away.
I got to talk to people I only knew on a “nodding basis” before, but who all had interesting stories to tell.

And I felt it during the exhibition days, when talking about the artwork often led to talking about the deeper layers of people’s lives.

I’m just so grateful that I got to do this !
Even though, as an introvert, I needed several days to recover afterwards…

Please click the button below if you want to see some pictures of our opening party.

And now, it’s back to the studio for me. Back to my dear paints and brushes…

Until next time then, my friends !


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