Painting of night sky with clouds and stars
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I lay down in the grass. It’s a warm summer’s day. High above, the wind makes the poplar leaves sing.
It sounds like sea waves crashing. It speaks to me, of safety and connection. I’m part of this world. I am not alone.

It’s the middle of the night in the South of France. I get out of the tent to go for a pee. When I come back, I happen to glance up, and it takes my breath away. A vast dark sky, strewn with thousands of stars. It makes me feel small and insignificant, but also softly peaceful. An imposing, but kind cosmic energy.
Everything is connected, including me. I am not alone.

This awareness of connectedness with people, animals, trees, flowers, stars, and with my own inner self… underneath all the noise… it’s everything for me. I hardly ever feel lonely. I really don’t.

I poured it all into this painting. The stars, the warm safety, and the gold of being alive.
Do you understand what I’m talking about ? I really hope you do, dear friend…

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