Expo Wonderlust in Brugge 18-24 Aug 2023

At the expo "Wonderlust", I am showing my series called "Tribe of Trees"

I am interested in the interconnectedness of all life forms – people, animals, plants, air, water… – how they rely on each other, forming a delicate balance that is easily destroyed.

For me, trees symbolize a shift in thinking, from “competition” to “cooperation”.
Trees give us so much – oxygen, food, shade – but they are also connected amongst each other. They are linked by an underground web of fungi to exchange nutrients and information. In this way, they form a real tribe, where members help each other to thrive.
I painted a presentation of this network in “Tribe”.

I wanted to show how beautiful and strong trees can be. How their branches spread out and fracture into smaller and smaller twigs.
Deeply rooted in the soil (as in “Amaroo” – an aboriginal word meaning “beautiful place”).
Being part of the landscape (as in “Tree Song”, “Emerald River”and “Deadwood”).
Towering massively over us (as in “The Giant”).
Surviving harsh conditions (as in “Against All Odds” and “Swamp”).

Trees can be pictured as metaphores (as in “Uprooted” – dedicated to all who have been displaced) but most of the time, I paint them for what they are – magnificient, generous, strong but vulnerable creatures that we share our planet with.

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