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Hi, I'm Jo

I'm an artist-painter living in Brugge. So good to meet you !

Welcome to my site, where it’s all about celebrating Life through Art !


I stubbornly choose to look at the world with hope and optimism.
Otherwise, why bother ?
One thing that helps reminding me that it’s all worth it, is art.
Creating art myself, and being around art made by others is gold !

If you’re looking for a bit of that, this site can be a good place to walk around in. 
I showcase my own work, but I also tell stories about other artists I love,
and about the art of life as I see it.

You don’t need to be an expert on  art to enjoy this site. I know I’m not.
Just come with an open heart and a curious mind, and join me on the journey…

Why I paint

Painting helps me to be more alive.
On a good day, it’s a way inwards.
It reconnects me to my feelings, both the pleasant ones (hurray !) and the ones I’m trying to push away (plenty of those !)
I’m trying to let go of my mind-imposed obsession with the result, and just enjoy the freedom of the painting process.
It doesn’t always work out, but when it does, oh bliss !

My hope is that the work I make can do the same for you.
Give you a moment of stillness.
A sense of reconnecting with yourself, with nature, with what it means to be human.
A small reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Stick figure drawn in the sand

What I paint

My figurative works, mostly in oil, depict the human condition.
Our emotions, the stories we tell ourselves, the relationships we have with each other.

But more and more, I like to make abstract work.
I enjoy the wild freedom it brings me.
I try to catch the feminine energy of organic forms that I see in nature.
The colors, that radiate joy and unstoppable life force.

And I inject my emotions into the work, to give it power ; to make it come alive.
For these works, I like to use mostly acrylic paints, because they dry
super fast, so I can add layer over layer without having to wait in between.
But I smuggle in other materials as well…

Ah, there’s more…

And because I like a bit of variation, and I’m pretty crazy about animals, I also paint realistic pet portraits in oil, on commission.
Here again, I try to go under the surface, and really get to the character of the animal I’m depicting.
People often tell me that the image is alive ; that is seems the animal might jump right out of it..