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Animal Portraits


If you’d like your pet to be painted, please fill out the question form and attach 3 good pictures of your pet.

  1. Get down on the level of your pet ; get face to face
  2. Get your pet’s attention by holding a favourite toy or treat, so the pet will look interested and probably have his ears up and his whole demeanour will show his character and personality. 
  3. Try to avoid taking pictures in harsh sunlight ; a cloudy sky is best ; light coming from a window when photgraphing indoors
  4. Focus on the face, and especially on the eyes ; the eyes have to be absolutely sharp, and try to get some light reflected in them

The better your photograph, the better my painting ! 


    How do you prefer that I contact you ?
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    How did you learn about ArtStudio Jo’s animal portraits ?
    (I donate 15€ per painting to animal charities selected by some partners, so this is important..)

    What’s the name of your pet ?

    Please attach your 3 best pictures of your pet, so we can select one that is best to paint from.
    File size should be 2 MB max

    Thank you !
    I’ll contact you shortly to further discuss the details.

    Kind Regards,
    Joke Vannieuwenburg, ArtStudio Jo